We offer a Total Maintenance Package with provides peace of mind for operators for whom Vehicle Uptime is critical.

With an emphasis on superior preventative maintenance, we can schedule routine service calls at the most convenient time to yourself.

Our knowledge of your fleet, means that we can ensure the correct parts are fitted before they fail, significantly reducing emergency breakdowns.  Every contract is individually tailored, ensuring that we can meet our customer's needs, whether you own 1 or 1000 vehicles.

Other benefits of Total Maintenance Contracts include:

  • Elimination of financial risk – one major unforeseen breakdown could absorb significant operating profit.
  • Improve Cash Flow – regular fixed payments can be budgeted in advance.
  • Simplify the Accounts Process – we will issue you with one fully itemised invoice on a monthly basis.

Contracts can be drawn up on a Full Repair & Maintenance basis, where a single monthly charge covers both emergency breakdown and regular service call outs.

Fleet maintenance schedules are also available on a pay-as-you-go basis.